About Heartland Fire Retreat

Heartland Fire Circle Retreat was inspired by a group of friends who have shared many fire circle experiences and felt the call to help create an even more inclusive fire circle format.

Heartland Fire Circle @ The Shire In The Woods


Sometimes during the night at these gatherings, you miss the people that could not make it. Maybe they have a baby or a small child, or their child doesn’t take well to being up all night. Sometimes it’s hard for them to attend because of their health or age. As I watch them head to bed I wish there was a time we could meet that would work for us all. A timing that would still grow us at our edges, but that would still leave us feeling nurtured and balanced. Knowing their heart, it leaves me with a desire to see their eyes and connect again to hear, see, and feel the art that is them.

Elders tell me how they miss that sense of community and I want to give them a place to be honored. Parents tell me how they want their children to be conscious, and how they want to expose their children to a diversity of creative expressions, ages, classes, genders, and human and nature connections. The natural human connection that happens around the fire inspires the human to connect with each other even more. When humans connect in harmony, love, and togetherness, they are inspired to live in harmony with nature too.

Is there a way to create a community experience that includes everyone? A Community that celebrates and benefits from the richness of human diversity? What if we spent one night in the darkness of our shadows, the second night part in the dark and part in the light, and then spent the final day from dawn until noon celebrating and DANCING IN THE LIGHT! We know how to walk through our shadows yet can we learn to dance in our light?! What happens when we step into our power and purpose, and are curious to discover, what is there when we no longer have the shadows of the night? Join us for a Ceremonial Celebration of Love, Transformation, Diversity and Community!

A Team Forms 2020

Once the vision formed, several of us came together this winter to organize another version of a Fire Circle, one with daylight hours! We collectively vision this event for everyone. We wish to include the diversity of our community as a way to manifest even more beauty in our collective offerings. We met weekly and discussed the details. We took great care to talk through anything we disagreed on and found a natural place of agreement. We came together with our best selves, again and again, to bring YOU Heartland Fire Circle Retreat! An alternative to the traditional three all-night fire circles, a fire circle including daylight hours around the fire with the intention to Dance In the Light. By shifting the format, we can more effectively include children, elders, and families. We welcome everyone and anyone called to Dance In the Light with us!

Meet the Heartland Fire Organizers

Bright Hawk Productions

Bright Hawk (she/her/they)

Community Facilitator
There is something so compelling about the fire circle experience, so magical and personally transforming that Bright Hawk has stayed committed to it for more than twenty-five years, all around the world. As a community facilitator Bright Hawk leads with love, passion and purpose, encouraging us to focus our intention, feel the support around us, and the opportunity to manifest our dreams for ourselves and the planet. Bright Hawk is a multi-talented instrumentalist and loves bringing the rhythm and drumming to a place where everyone gets a ride, the pulse uniting all of us into a co-created ecstatic experience. As a professional storyteller and teacher, Bright Hawk loves to bring stories to life with a positive message creating an interactive and participatory experience. Bright Hawk travels the country with their partner, Hollis Taylor, and their non-profit, LetsDanceActivities.org a unique music, movement and storytelling program with a personal touch, to special needs communities, nursing and memory care homes. You can follow the travel blog at BrightHawkProductions.com which conveniently has Bright Hawk’s CDs and the about to be released, story book illustrated by Amanda Moore, The Dancing Happy Hippo!

Hollis Taylor (they/them/neutral pronouns)

Hollis Taylor - Non Binary Author

Hollis Taylor, a non-binary author, wears many hats for Heartland Fire including a sacred chef, child program developer, and our beloved webmaster. As a grandparent, Hollis offers wisdom and guidance for children in ceremonies. Hollis’ vision for the Fire Circle is inspired by their deep love and desire for inclusion as well their life long experience guiding children in nature. Hollis raised their own child and mentored many more in sacred communities over the last 30yrs. Hollis values diversity and loves to experiment with alchemy and details their experience of transformation with fire circles and yoga in their book. Hollis is the author of Divine Androgyne: A Sacred Path for Gender Variant People and is Bright Hawk’s grateful partner in business, life, and travel. They also offer guidance and support for those looking to harvest their best lives and they are a certified Trauma-Informed Transformational Life Coach. Hollis is also the founder and creator of Let’s Dance Activities – An engaging program for people with Brain Degenerative Diseases.

Crystal J Love (she/her/they)

Crystal is a community organizer, activist, mother, daughter, sister, dancer, singer, healer, farmer, chef, and artist. She is a logistics organizer and networking web weaver for Heartland Fire Circle. Through here experience in building community, studies of holistic healing, tender of energetic space, and devotion to harmony with nature she is helping us connect so we can nurture each other. Leading with love and with special attention to the children, she inspires our heart to walk in our best selves with compassion and kindness.

Jason Bliss - Heartland Fire Circle Organizer

Jason Bliss (he/him)

Jason was introduced to his first fire ceremony event in 2010 and has been an active participant, most years since.  Jason has many years experience as a whole foods caterer, community builder, and ceremonial fire tender. Jason has been our financial and budget guide, and planner with Heartland Fire Circle. In 2009, he co-founded the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology, in Costa Rica, which has hosted hundreds of people from around the world, teaching permaculture and community living skills.  He is the father of three boys and lives in Minnesota & Costa Rica seasonally as an artist, event co-creator, and seeker of inner truths.