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Imagine yourself at dawn after dancing, singing, drumming, and moving around a beautiful fire all night long. The first rays of the morning sun are just starting to appear over the horizon. You are filled with deep, reverent gratitude, not just for the coming day, but for your life! You look around and feel blessed to be with others who are sharing in this experience of a new dawn. This is how the village returns. Eye to eye, heart to heart, and hand to hand, we have connected in ways beyond words, and know, that for this moment, we are not alone. We have been seen, supported, and enlivened.

Heartland Fire Circle

We come together to connect through the ancient language of the heart through music.

A little child has awoken and enters the circle. They have us moved with waves of tears and laughter all at once. The music is sweet, nourishing, and inspiring. Each person is present, having been perfectly called to help create this moment and the sanctuary of the circle. Each one is called to the fire circle for their own compelling reason:

-To enjoy a camping retreat with their family.

– To experience the magic and transformation of the fire circle and the serenity of The Shire In the Woods.

-To have the opportunity to create; to make music, to drum, to create art, and to curate delicious food made with intention and love by the community for the community.

-To drink from the deep well of love between friends, family, and community.

-To push gently and bravely on their edges and try something new!

Dancing Around the Fire

Dancing around the fire is an integral part of the human story.

What is a Fire Circle Retreat?  The answer to that question is a little different for each person.  The essential parts of this particular fire circle include three 6-8 hour ceremonies around the fire where we walk, dance, drum, and sing our prayers and intentions together.  These ceremonies will be guided by a team of musicians and experienced ceremonial space holders. Heartland Fire Circle is a co-created event where people come together to hold sacred space in which we intend and invite everyone to fully express, experience, and transform themselves.

Image credit: Terra Sura Photography

Together we hold and are held just as we are. We are a community that celebrates the diversity of nature and create our container by embracing the elements and our ancestors. The fire circle uses the elements, intention, sound, and supportive community to alchemize our inner landscape and collective experience, thus turning our inner lead into gold! Heartland Fire Circle celebrates around the fire both at night and in the day. By embracing both night and day, dark and light, we hope to create a more accessible and thus more inclusive fire circle community. We welcome everyone to step into the circle with their whole selves and encourage the integration of our shadow and to shine our light!

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Who is Heartland Fire Circle for?

Families @ Heartland Fire Circle

Families are celebrated at Heartland Fire. We have designed this retreat to be sure that families with children are included in ceremony, creatively and intentionally. We believe in offering children the opportunity to learn about sharing revelations, energy, ceremony, and community. We see children as key participants in the experience, helping to inspire aliveness in us all!


As we age we acquire a wealth of wisdom to share. How do we share our wisdom with those that want to hear it? Heartland Fire makes space for elders to share their gifts as we dance, walk, and pray around the fire. We aim to reduce the physical challenges of all night fire circles by dancing into the light. We want to celebrate you! Please come and share with us!


It is time for something different. connection is a basic human need. Singing and dancing around a fire is an ancient and effective technology of connection. At Heartland Fire we intend to manifest a community of love, inclusion and most of all -connection to others. Come and integrate your shadow, transform with community, and dance into your light!

As you walk around the fire and stare into the depths of the transformational process erupting in the dance of the flames, you feel connected to the Mother Earth, the elements, and the potency that exists in this moment. How do we shift what no longer works? How do we face the seemingly immense problems arising in the world? We each have our own front lines of purpose in life. In order to stand bravely in our truth and purpose, we must tend our inner fire, balance our physical, energetic, emotional, and mental bodies, and come into communion with the wisdom at the depths of our beings so we know, deeply, our way. Heartland Fire Circle offers an opportunity to reflect, renew, and step even more deeply into ourselves. When we are aligned, we are carried by forces greater than us. We inspire all those around us, and together we lift each other up to lift even the highest of heights and the deepest depths of our lows. By integrating and acknowledging all that has been and all that we are, we become finely tuned instruments of change and inspiration in an ever changing world.

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What Happens at a Fire Circle?

Heartland Fire Circle @ The Shire In The Woods

Uncover Compassion

Release deeply held emotions

Mental & behavioral shifts

Be supported in bringing forward your gifts

Deeper understanding of self and each other

Receiving perspective and renewal

Refine our belief systems

Share your story with a loving community


A welcoming opportunity to make music together

Get joyfully swept into a song with a group, allowing your harmonies to emerge

Open your heart and share your own sacred song

Feeling free to do your dance and sweat your prayers

Sing, speak, and express yourself for the highest good of all

Bring your art to share

Wear your art to the fire circle

Sacred Ceremonial Fire Circle - Dance In the Light!
Community Intentions

Come together and find harmony in community

Be exposed to other age ranges, races, backgrounds, genders, and expres

Learn from each other

Offer support for each other to grow and evolve

Find ways to include all people, thus celebrating diversity

“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.”

~Maya Angelou~

Heartland Fire Circle Retreat pulls on traditions, both ancient and contemporary, to co-create an environment where each individual has the opportunity to go deep into whatever is important in their personal process, at this time of their life, and take the time to stay vulnerable to, confront, or release those things, in the support of others who are doing the same for themselves.  It is a collective experience of individual discoveries, framed in an environment of fire, song, drums, dance, mindfulness, wellbeing, and interpersonal connections.  

This is for you if:

You love being part of and creating a healthy, authentic, safe, kind, loving, and supportive community. You love nature and being part of something everyone is creating collectively.

You love delicious food and the chance to meet new people.

You want an experience that supports and empowers you where your at in your life.

You love the fire circle experience AND you can’t stay up all night, three nights in a row. (We heard you when you said, “Can’t we make this easier?” “Haven’t we danced in the dark long enough?” “I have children! Do you welcome families?” The answer is Yes! Yes! Yes!)

This is not for you if:

You want a free-for-all party. (We encourage sobriety. We think this work is pretty beautiful and transformative all by itself. Come as you are.)

You don’t like community or children.

You cannot commit to collective holding a safe, respectful, and joyful space.

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